Life is an adventure! We can make our adventure exciting, fun, happy, interesting, joyful, full of love and passion or boring and passive. We can enjoy everything about our lives or complain constantly about what we don’t have and can’t do.

At Cannon EInstitute (CeI) we are all about making your life a better adventure. While our primary focus is on how to earn more money so you can have more power and time to make your life ever better, we also want you to enjoy the adventure of everything you do and everyone you meet.

We have four EColleges:
1. The ECollege of Empowerment
2. The ECollege of Micro-marketing
3. The ECollege of Advanced Sales
4. The ECollege of Better Job Acquisition

All the EColleges are related. It is challenging and possibly even impossible to be successful in business or on the job if you are not powerful in developing, maintaining and enjoy your relationships. It does you no good to be good at micro-marketing and when you are not efficient in advanced sales. And, it is hard to get and keep a great job when you do not understand how to easily and almost effortlessly succeed in that job both through great performance and relationship management.

Better Job Acquisition uses many of the concepts, processes and tools of Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales. And, without personal power, keeping that great job becomes an almost impossible challenge.

The bottom line is your happiness. The programs developed by CeI provide knowledge and skill transfer in small doses, called segments. These segments are all being converted to online course ware; easily accessed, easily understood and completely supported by knowledgeable and very understanding instructors and counselors.

You learn at your pace, within your budget and can easily apply what you learn almost immediately to your life, business, career and/or your relationships.

CeI eCollege of Empowerment


Cannon EInstitute is primarily a virtual research organization. We focus on concepts, processes, procedures and tools that help small and medium businesses increase their profits and contribute to their community..

We have found through experience and evidence based research that when your home life is challenged, your work and business life is also less than successful..

Empowerment can be experienced by an individual, by a team, in a marriage (or any other relationship), and by an entire organization. It is about being prepared for the best and the worst in all circumstances. It is about leadership; leadership of your life and leadership of others.

To continuously feel and exhibit power you must; be prepared and in Emotional Control.

Powered-Up individuals, proficient in micro-marketing, business development and professional selling, experience greater joy in life, greater wealth and an abundance of respect, love, affection, and friendship.

The ECollege of Empowerment is about optimizing the power you were given at birth, extending that power to others, and maintaining the level of power appropriate with the life you want to lead.

So, Let’s Make You More Powerful and Your Relationship More Magical

Meet the Founder and Author of
The Making Your Relationship More Magical
Video Program

Michael L. Cannon

BIO – Michael Cannon – President and Founder – Cannon eInstitute (

Michael Cannon is a dynamic, energetic, articulate, methodical, and motivating professional with extensive practical experience employing advanced micro-marketing, professional sales, and empowerment tools, processes, procedures and concepts. He transformed the Human Equity Development, Co. into Cannon EInstitute in 2009.  The intent was to capture the content of his international speaking and teaching into online accessible course ware.

While providing person-to-person and group training on business development, micro-marketing and advanced sales he learned that a great impediment to business and job success is an unstable home life. He then set about researching and developing an advanced course, not just on how to get along with your significant other or control one’s anger, but instead about how to make one’s relationship really special; magical. As a counselor he has never lost a relationship to divorce. He had saved many relationships and enjoys hundreds of testimonials form couples who say their relationship is magical only because of Professor Cannon’s counseling.

Next Steps…

Now you know about Cannon EInstitute and the Empowerment online ECollege and you have a snippet of who Michael Cannon is and what he stands for. Hopefully, you have taken some time to read through the course syllabus. It’s time now for you, as a mental health professional, to actually experience a standard Making Your Relationship More Magical video segment. It is free. It is our way of introducing you to what your clients will experience as they view each video segment. It should be easy to see yourself discussing the content of each video with your clients and motivating them to use the tools, employ the processes, follow the procedures and understand the concepts of a truly magical relationship with their significant other. It is time for your to advance your practice and demonstrate your superior counseling,