Segment 1 Program Introduction

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This FREE segment provides you, the potential program participant, a glimpse of what you can learn to improve your relationship with your significant other.  You will learn just what a magical relationship feels like. You will see a movie clip from Sleepless in Seattle describing the magical relationship.  You will learn why video self-study with professional counseling is the optimum pathway to a magical relationship. 

You will define, for yourself, the perfect spouse. You will learn how to motivate your significant other to define, for him or herself, the perfect spouse. You will then learn how to motivate your significant other to transition toward becoming the perfect spouse for you as you transition to becoming the perfect spouse for your significant other.  

You will smile when you view a humorous video on the absolutely ridiculous things couples fight about. 

You will receive an introduction to the 18 rules of engagement, rules that help you discuss productively difficult issues without inflicting or suffering pain. 

You will learn all about the benefits of a magical relationship. 

THEN, if you are a lady, you will learn the TWO SECRETS you need to know about ALL men.  You won’t like them at first, but you will watch and observe and come to the conclusion that your man definitely displays the secrets. Then, when you observe the truth to these secrets, you will smile often with understanding.

If you are a man, you will learn the TWO SECRETS you need to know about ALL women.  You will feel that those secrets are complex and difficult to live with.  However, you will learn that knowing those secrets gives you a head start at creating and maintaining a magical relationship with your significant other.  ALSO, you will learn that knowing those secrets and using that knowledge is not nearly as difficult as your might think.

You will be invited to test the rules and verify the power you will possess when you remember and apply the rules to your relationship.

Finally, you will learn that you are about to embark on the most romantic and best adventure of your life.

Segment 2 – Rules of Engagement – Part 1
Rules 1 – 6 of 18 (Click the image below to view the video trailer)

(Click the image below to view the video trailer)

In every relationship with a significant other there will be rough times and difficult subjects and issues that will need to be discussed.  In this very reasonably priced video segment, you will learn how couples become, and stay, happy and committed for from 30 to more than 80 years.  You will learn the four foundation elements you must have to make your relationship powerful and sustainable.  And, again, you will learn about the 18 rules of engagement; the rules/processes that should be memorized, mastered and used whenever a challenging subject must be broached. 

These rules are so important Cannon EInstitute has divided the rules into three video segments.  Video Segment 2 covers rules 1 through 6.  Video Segment 3 covers rules 7 through 12.  Video Segment 4 covers rules 13 through 18.
You will learn that intelligent people do not resort to personal attacks.  They don’t need to.  They get more accomplished in less time by being supportive, an advocate instead of an adversary.  This is rule number 1 and you will learn all of the benefits associated with learning and applying this rule.

You will learn the Cardinal Rule of Empowerment.  You will also learn how to handle someone who is attacking you emotionally.  This power is critical to developing and maintaining a powerful and magical relationship.

You will learn about the roles people play in conversations and how to maintain parallel communication lines that reduce the possibility of conflict and thus damage to your magical relationship.

In Rule 2, you will learn how to be powerful in your relationship by practicing three necessary conversational attributes.

Just to lighten things up, you will view a video about a couple who are having a ballistic episode.  We will do this from time-to-time because we don’t want you to suffer burnout.

When studying Rule 3, you will learn about the biggest time waster in discussions/arguments.  You will learn how to deflect away from this time waster and concentrate on the primary point of discussion while diverting diversions away from the conversation.

Rule 4 is another Empowerment jewel.  You will learn to never state another person is wrong.  In fact, you will learn how making the other person, your significant other, “more right” in a conversation helps you will the day and win your way.  To learn and master this rule, you will need to practice and prepare for conversations.

Rule 5 is primarily for men and ladies who act like men.  You will learn when in an emotional conversation, sticking to logic is like sticking a knife in your neck, not a good idea.  You will learn how to be “emotionally right” and how to gently guide your significant other emotionally to your point of view. 

Segment 3 – Rules of Engagement Part 2
Rules 7-12 of 18

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While you are mastering Rules of Engagement 1 through 6 through practice and preparation, you will be introduced to Rules 7 through 12 in Video Segment 3.   

You will learn how to better listen with your ears and then how to listen with your eyes and, most powerfully, your heart.  Ladies pick this up much faster than men.  Men, you want to take your time with this rule. Master the process of listening with your eyes and heart, know how to listen with an open mind, develop a strong understanding of each of the rules and then discuss them with your significant other.

During rule 7 training, you will learn about listening with your heart and your mind.  You will learn how to focus on the pain your significant other is experiencing and how to assuage that pain.  This rule is an introduction to Segment 6, Affective and Reflective listening, where you will learn even more how to listen like a professional and practice reflecting feelings back to those who express them to you.  As you master this skill, you will notice your significant other gain respect and admiration of you and your new skills.  The love you invest into mastering listening and reflecting will be paid back to you in great amounts. 

Here, again, you will view introduce a funny video to lighten the load of heavy learning.  It is a segment from the hit sitcom “Everyone Loves Raymond”. 

Rule 8 is very similar to never making another feel wrong.  It is about the powerful negative affect of criticism.  You, again, will learn and practice “making your significant other more right”.  It is an art that take times to develop.  Once you have mastered this art, you will experience success not just in your relationship with your significant other but also in all other relationships.

Rule 9 will help you control your tone of voice and most importantly your attitude.  Poor communication skills developed during your childhood will be erased and replaced with the powerful communication skills of successful politicians, priests and doctors.

In rules 7 and 8 you learned to listen with the heart.  In rule 10, you learn how to speak from the heart.  You will learn about empathy; feeling what others are feeling, especially the feelings of your significant other.

Rule 11, when learned and applied, is the most powerful rule you can employ during a heated discussion with your significant other.  If you can master how to hold hands and demonstrate affection with your eyes and continence while you are under personal and emotional attack, you will make your relationship significantly more powerful with each ballistic episode.  That is right, instead of weakening your relationship during a ballistic episode, you will strengthen it.

Rule 12 counters insecurity.  Once you learn how to determine when to apply this rule and how, you will eliminate one of the greatest causes of marital difficulties. 

When you have absorbed what you have learned and master practicing these rules, again, you will feel invincible as a communicator. You will feel that you can make any relationship better, more powerful.  You will also see your relationship become more and more magical.

Segment 4 – Rules of Engagement – Part 3
Rules 13 – 18 of 18

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When you learn to snow ski, one of the first skills you develop is how to fall, because falling is a part of skiing.  There are times in a relationship where disengaging, giving the conversation a rest, is wise and absolutely necessary.  Powerful people know how to disengage with reassurance and a promise to pick up the conversation at a time when both parties are better emotionally and physically balanced. 

Rules 13 and 14 introduce the concept of “Advanced Anger Management”.   You will learn how to avoid physical contact and to “disengage”, diplomatically and eloquently before severe damage is done to your relationship.  This is not just the anger you might display, but also the anger that may come from your significant other, a family, or friend of your significant other.  These rules are critical and there is no compromise allowed.

Rule 15 is violated by almost everyone not trained on the 18 Rules of Engagement.  You will learn that getting a divorce is only an option when you have exhausted all other remedies and that there is a myriad of remedies for you to explore first.

Rules 16 provides structure to your discussions when structure is the only option that will work to ensure both of you feel respected and heard. You will learn when both of you feel confident that your feelings are considered and that a mutually beneficial solution has been reached, the magic in your relationship grows.  While it is a difficult to administer, you will learn how to motivate your significant other to follow this rule helping you are a couple achieve a much more magical relationship.

Rule 17 is also a bit difficult to learn and apply.  You will learn how to be confident your words and feelings have been heard and need not be repeated during the current discussion or future discussions.  This rule helps eliminate a great deal of wasted time getting to the Magic.

Finally, Rule 18, you will learn that discussing challenging issues and dealing with the pain of another requires absolute mental and physical dexterity, strong cognitive skills and energy.  This rule demonstrates how to prepare for a challenging discussion so that you can achieve the desired results; a much more magical relationship.

You will learn that those who master the 18 Rules of Engagement, employing them as a craftsman employs his or her precision tools, make you infinitely more powerful. Once this is achieved, it is time to advance to the next step of Magical Relationship Development, learning and employing Advanced Anger Management skills. In Segment 5, parts 1 and 2 you will learn how to powerfully channel passion toward a positive outcome while making your relationship ever more magical.

Segment 5 – 1 – Anger Management – Part 1

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Uncontrolled anger, either displayed by you or your significant other, is very bad.  It can ruin, for either a long time or all time, your relationship.  Anger is caused by passion.  Passion, properly channeled, is a good and powerful tool for developing a very strong and magical relationship.  Just managing anger is not enough for the individuals and couples who want a magical relationship.  Learning how to channel passion is, again, both a science and an art.

The key to managing anger is understanding the hot buttons that set you off and the hot buttons that set off your significant other.  Then, once you identified and isolated your hot buttons, you will learn how to disconnect the power to them and replace a hot button with a “power button”.  Here you will the trick to shift your paradigms. 

If your significant other is the one who needs anger management, you will learn how shift their paradigm to create XXXX to reflect feelings while providing continuous reassurance.   In other words, you bring your significant other to the emotional conclusion, unhealthy anger is not necessary and counter productive to the desired result of increased magic.

Segment 5 – 2 – Advanced Anger Management – Part 2

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Advanced Anger management cannot be taught in just one video segment.  Advanced Anger Management requires a great deal of study and practice, while under fire.  In Segment 5, part 2, you learn how to remain calm while under attack by another.  You will learn, while under extreme pressure, how to remain calm and analytically cool. 

You will also learn two common tools for getting your passion under control and becoming an expert at managed emotions.

Again, the concept of immediate but controlled disengagement is presented and you will l;earn how a special tool can be used to get emotions under control and better channel the passion.

At the end of this video segment, you will learn how to review your discussions and your emotional control and how to keep yourself under control even when suffering physical pain and duress.

Finally, you are brought back to your objective of developing an ever strong and more magical relationship.  When you say goodbye to your anger and replace it with controlled passion, your magical relationship with your significant other gets better and better.

Segment 6 – Affective and Reflective Listening – Listening with the Heart

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In previous segments you earned about Affective and Reflective Listening.  This segment provides information and practice on how to become an expert in the use of this very powerful tool..  There are few tools as powerful as listening and reflecting when the goal is to generate a respectful and affectionate response.  You literally will have a challenge keeping your significant other away.  He or she will be so appreciative, they will want to smother you with attention and affection.

Segment 7 – Building and Displaying Absolute Confidence

Surveys conducted of individuals and couples over many years of research demonstrate that the biggest turnoff to men and women in relationships is the display of insecurity by their significant other.  Confidence is paramount.  This video segment demonstrates how to gain absolute confidence through the definition of the ideal significant other, the ideal marriage, and the ideal life.  Then, once these relationships have been defined, the marriage, like a good business, develops a mission statement, a vision statement and a values list.  Working together, both partners, make the relationship more magical as they use these documents to guide their growth and adhesiveness.  This is a mandatory video segment for the couple bent on having a very, very, very magical relationship.

Segment 8 – Focusing on Primary Needs

Some people believe that once they are married, they can just sit back and let love and romance grow.  That is absolutely unrealistic.  A magical relationship requires a continuous investment of time, conversation and reflections.  Again, it takes an investment of time, time correctly applied. 

What we teach in this program is not taught in any high school, college or university.  It should be, but it is not.  For that reason, you need to invest time to learn all that you can. 

Men need to learn how to uniquely and with innovation, continuously influence their lady to FEEL a very special emotion. At first, the task seems daunting. Once you have learned and applied the concepts taught through this video, it becomes habit and you are viewed as a very desirable significant other. This Video provides suggestions on how to be innovative and imaginative when doing the little things that make your lady smile. When you apply what you learn in this video, she will feel she is the luckiest lady alive.

Ladies, while it is easier to influence a man to feel comfortable than influence a lady to feel special, you still need to invest the time to ensure your husband feels secure and proud of you.  This means ensuring that you do the best you can to maintain and improve your appearance.  Being sexy in what you do and say and in your body language goes a long way toward making your man feel like a man.  Making sure your environment is comfortable, especially for him, goes a long way in influencing him to want to come home and be with you.   Ensuring he is warm, well fed with a healthy diet and that he fully understands you care about him, really care, will keep his focus on the home you make together. He will want nothing to do with any outside influence.

You will learn a secret to returning your relationship to a romantic place. You will implement this secret once each month and you will be amazed the effect it will have. More touching, more smiles, more kissing and more intimacy. While this secret is time consuming, you will learn how to “make the time” for your relationship.    

Segment 9 – Remaining Calm Under Attack

When you take things personally, you have the potential to get excited, suffer anxiety and become angry; sometimes beyond control; not a good thing.  During this video segment you will learn the secrets to remaining cool and analytical when in circumstances that would normally drive you up the proverbial wall.

Yes, there will times when you operate your mouth before engaging your brain and find yourself in what feels like an untenable circumstance.  Normally, you would become defensive and lash out.  You will learn a more productive and beneficial response to this circumstance.  You will learn how to laugh at your behavior and motivate your significant other to laugh.  

You will learn that your behavior is not abnormal and that no one is really ALL GOOD or ALL BAD.  You will learn how to live with your faults and how to use them as assets in your relationship.

You will learn about the “special questions” you must ask yourself to ensure you are no longer the slave of the clock, your significant other or anyone else.  You will learn how to “appear” under the control of another when, in fact, you are fully in control of your communications and actions.

You will learn how to respond to unsubstantiated attacks on your character, appearance or personal traits.  You will learn how to turn these attacks around, slow down the attacks and then eliminate them permanently.

You will learn how to handle well founded criticism; how to accept and live with your challenges if they cannot be eliminated and how to eliminate them rapidly if that is possible.   You will learn how to enroll your most ardent critics to help you become a better person.

You will learn the circumstances where “disengagement” is necessary; calling a “time out” and diplomatically retreating until you can regain balance and energy.  You will learn about “reassurance” and “the soft and warm retreat”. 

You will learn how and why it is important to “re-engage”.  You will learn how to prepare for re-engagement and how to create and maintain a safe environment for your significant other to express his or her feelings.  You will learn how to discuss, debate and disagree in a manner that keeps the warmth in your relationship and increases the magic.

Segment 10 – Remaining Calm Under Stressful Conditions and Circumstances

Keeping FOCUS is the key to this video.  There are circumstances that drive everyone into a frenzy.  These include cohabitating, dealing with a narcissist, responding to the silent treatment, death, loss of limb,  debilitating illness, loss of cognitive skills, or the loss of a child, sibling, parent, home, or close friend.  You will learn how to handle these circumstance while keeping an accurate perspective on your challenges. 

If you find yourself suddenly a “caregiver”, you will learn how to handle your responsibilities; maintaining your cool, calm and focus.  You will learn how to “gauge” your caregiver stress level and when to seek and obtain relief.

You will also learn how to help your significant other be a caregiver, making you a hero and your relationship more magical.

Segment 11 – Dealing with Indifference

What do you do when your significant other “checks out” of the relationship?  You will learn how to motivate “re-integration” and “re-investment”.  You will learn how to ignore aberrant behavior as you continue to be the “good man” or “good woman”.  You will learn how to negate attempts to “make you the bad person” and instead focus on maintaining the best, most loving and most giving behavior.

Segment 12 – Dealing with Financial Adversity

The biggest cause of divorce and hard feelings is financial stress.  You will learn how times of austerity are when you and your significant other can be drawn closer together.  You will learn how to deal, as a couple, with the lost of a job or significant source of income, how to prepare a “workout” plan together and how to magnify your love during all periods of challenge.  You will learn how to stop financial hemorrhaging and right size to eliminate stress.  You will learn how to become a better team as you regain financial stability and grow your income.

Segment 13 – Dealing with an Alien Influence – When an Outsider Tries to Destroy Your Relationship

Most successful relationships will elicit jealousy.   There are people in this world who will want what you have and believe they can have it just by being an alien influence, attacking the relationship you have with your significant other.   This video helps you “keep your head on straight” when this circumstance occurs.  You will learn how to more effectively use the secret tools introduced to you in previous video segments to demonstrate your superiority as a significant other. You learn how to accelerate this behavior making it impossible for anyone, even a celebrity, to adversely affect your relationship.  You will learn how to keep your confidence level up so you can deal with the alien influence and drive him or her away.  Some of what you learned in previous videos will be repeated so you can be powerful and demonstrate to your significant other that your love is “unqualified” and limitless. 

Most importantly, you will know that you are the best man or lady for your significant other and that if he or she wanders it would ruin the best relationship they have ever experienced or will ever experience. 

Segment 14 – Being Positive and Fun in a Negative World

You will learn the first rule of Empowerment and how to use this rule to control your environment, no matter how negative your environment becomes.  You will learn how to maintain belief in you and in your relationship; no matter the circumstances you face.  You will learn how to deal with reactive people while you maintain your proactive attitude and actions. 

You will learn how to deal with and eliminate the negative people in your life and how to accept the limitations your significant other may have. You will learn how to make your world magical as you make your relationship more magical.

Segment 15 – Expanding Intimacy – The Magic Touch

This is the video that magnifies the magic.

When should a man stop courting his lady.  The answer is “Never”!
When should a lady stop influencing her man to feel comfortable. The answer is the same, “Never”!

A large part of the Magic is the Romance.  Even when a relationship is in the “tolerance” stage, it can be reignited into a passionate, burning flame.  This video provides some suggestions on how to reignite your relationship with your significant other.  You will learn about games for lovers, how to transfer energy using the “secret handshake”, how to overcome barriers to intimacy, how to deal with intimacy indifference from your significant other. You will learn how to use humor to elicit warmth, how to eliminate resentments (yours and those of your significant other), how to deliver the unexpected gesture of love and how to influence your significant other to smile that special smile.  

Segment 16 – Maintaining Focus – Investing in Your Relationship

You will learn in this video segment why and how to maintain focus on your significant other relationship everyday.

Some people feel that a relationship with their significant other should be “EASY”.  They shouldn’t have to “work” at it.  We call those people foolish and short sighted.  The fact is, investing in your relationship should not feel like work, should not be challenging nor fatiguing.  In this video segment you learn how to invest in your relationship in a manner that makes it fun and a great adventure.

This video segment shares how to create the new habit of incorporating, into even your busiest day, the little things that keep your relationship alive and exciting.  Again, you will learn the one most powerful secret to keeping your romance alive and exciting.  You will learn the secrets of how to travel with your Significant Other making even the longest trip a great, romantic adventure.  Yow will learn how to select destinations based upon the romance and romantic accommodations.

You will learn how to make time where there is no time and how to influence/motivate your significant other to shift his or her paradigms and mood. 

For men, we provide an insight to a secret tool/commitment that almost always results in a reflection from your female significant other of enormous respect and devotion. You learn how to create and use this tool keeping you constantly focused on making your relationship more magical.

For ladies we provide an insight to a different secret tool /commitment that causes your male significant other to look upon you with surprise, love and devotion. Everyday he is surprised at how you make the home and the relationship a place he needs, wants and desires continuously.

Segment 17 – Maintaining Position – Eliminating the Negative Alien Influences

This video segment is empowering.

This video segment is an eye opener.  Sometimes we don’t know the negative influences that adversely affect our relationship with our significant other.  Sometimes, the day-to-day decay caused by these negative influences is slow, hidden and extremely devastating.  In this video segment you will learn how to more closely observe the behavior of individuals, all individuals, that interface with your relationship and how to determine if their behavior is supportive or destructive of your relationships.  Then, in a very detailed manner, you learn how to deal with negative family, friend, or other relationships.  You will learn how to terminate the relationship when it is appropriate, how to set standards and influence behavior modifications of those where relationship termination is not feasible, and how to show love and concern for everyone, especially those to whom you must say “goodbye” .

Segment 18 – Getting Your Way the Easy Way

If your way is truly the right way, getting your way is much easier than fussing and fighting.  You will learn how to create a course from disagreement to agreement.  You will learn how to use focus, patience, and the probe to traverse the path from disagreement to agreement. 

You will learn the Cannon EInstitute secrets that rapidly bring the disagreement to the surface and the secrets that “reduce to manageable” the emotions associated with the disagreement. You will learn the secrets for turning condescending behavior into almost immeasurable respect for you, your ability to resolve challenging issues and your strong belief in the relationship. You will learn how to easily bring your significant other to your conclusion.

You will learn how to gently and consistently “end with a friend”;’ make every discussion an opportunity to enhance the magic in your relationship.

Segment 19 – Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship

Emotional divorce occurs when trust and communications are lost.  This usually occurs when a person is either caught lying, cheating, or hiding the truth.  Regaining trust is mandatory, not just to maintain a relationship of magic, but to maintain a positive relationship of any kind.  It can be a long journey back to a relationship of absolute trust and confidence.  This video shows you how to start on, and continue on, the journey back to the magic.

You will learn the Cannon EInstitute secrets to regaining trust, confidence, relationship warmth and even closer Intimacy.

You will also learn how to become a “Good Person”, constantly focusing on doing the right thing; for yourself, your significant other and everyone else in this world.

You will learn the importance of “taking the temperature” of your significant other, often. You will learn how to take his or her temperature and how to keep the fever for the relationship strong and the desire for peace and tranquility even stronger.

You will learn how to never get caught taking your significant other for granted.

Segment 20 – The Power of Humor – Keeping Your Relationship Forever Fun!

This video is about giving you the power of humor.

Magical relationships are light and fun, with constant banter between both you and your significant other.  Even the difficult challenges you face are turned into humorous adventures and you seem to breeze through life as “the perfect couple”.  From this video you will learn how to analyze your significant other noting, in your mind, what makes him or her smile, laugh and giggle.  You will learn how to master the quip and how to find humor in almost every experience in life.  You will learn how to practice your humor on almost everyone you meet and how to make humor a habit. 

You will learn how to react to those you find in a bad mood. You will learn how to influence them to smile and give up their anger and other negative feelings. 

You will learn about the power of your touch and how this little gentle, gesture can influence people to feel heard and nurtured; respected and appreciated.

You will learn how to plan and execute fun excursions for you and your significant other.

You will learn how to turn the first four seconds when you meet someone, anyone, into a memorable and joyous experience.  You will learn how to leave them smiling and laughing; your significant other and everyone you meet and greet.

Segment 21 – Never “Giving Up” and Never “Saying Goodbye”

This, the final segment of the video program, is all about you.  It is about making you invincible to negative influences.

You have been empowered! You now have the tools, concepts, processes, and procedures for making and keeping your relationship magical. Still, you will encounter individuals and circumstances that will attempt to bring you down. They will try to discredit what you have learned and the feelings you have experienced enjoying the magic. Please remember, these individuals are much less empowered and less successful than you.  You will learn in this video that you don’t need to convince critics and detractors of anything. You will learn how to diplomatically and eloquently disengage from negative naysayers. You will learn that the magic you feel is all the proof you need. You will learn how to allow naysayers their negative and unproductive beliefs and not feel a bit guilty that they will, most likely, never know the warmth of a magical relationship. You will learn how to maintain power and patience as you deal with these individuals and circumstances.  You will learn how to “design yourself” to be a “good man” or “good woman” with an always charitable outlook and concern for those less fortunate. You will also learn how to temper your charity with protection for yourself and your significant other.

There is also a tough lesson in this segment; a lesson we don’t want to face. Ultimately, in this life, everyone comes to a point where they have to say goodbye to the significant other with whom they share the magic.  No one lives forever. You will learn how to say goodbye with gratitude for the time you have had sharing the magic.  You will learn to hurt with dignity.  You will learn how to share the magic you shared with your significant other for a while. You will learn how to give others the hope you had when you started on this journey and a glimpse of the love you shared with your significant other. You will learn how to inspire others to take the journey and enjoy the treasure of a truly magical relationship.

Finally, you will learn that you are just a phone call away from someone who can help you remember, help you regain your smile and help you thank all the stars above for the magic you have experienced in your life.