Meet Eva & Will

About Eva…

Relationships were hard for me.

I dated a fair amount in high school, but it always felt “off.” Before I married at 17, to escape from my abusive Dad, I knew it was a mistake…though I don’t regret it because I have two amazing daughters.

Picking the Rotten Apple
Though I liked men, I wondered why I always picked the bad ones. After my first marriage, I was engaged four times! After the fourth break-up, I realized that the one thing all of these guys had in common was ME! So I decided that until I fixed my “picker” I’d forget men and just focus on my children and work.

I obsessed about what I did wrong for 11 years before I married my second husband.

He fit all my criteria: religion, education, height, build, family, and his last name was Love! We should have been good together, but that relationship was a total disaster. I felt like a complete failure. Again!

Here I was 35 years old and divorced twice! I had horrendous guilt for the damage my second marriage caused my girls. I was so devastated, and  deeply depressed, I planned my suicide.

Eva … Stop the Car
As I rounded the corner to drive off a 1000-foot cliff, I heard a voice from deep inside say, “Eva, you’re sick. It’s like you have the flu. You’ll get well. Stop the car.” I’m so grateful I did.

To heal my deep emotional wounds, I spent thousands of dollars trying different types of therapists, healers, workshops, study groups, churches and spiritual paths.

Nothing helped!
Not only was I miserable, but I made everyone around me miserable.

One night in desperation, not knowing what else to do or where to turn, I cried out, “God, help me.” A quiet peace came over me, the weight of my agony lifted, and I knew everything would be all right.

My Miracle
The next day the techniques that I later named The Love Miracle System came to me. After using this system for only three weeks, my life and outlook changed radically. I was truly happy. I was healing my relationships. I was learning to love myself! I was becoming a new Eva!

My friends wanted to know what I was doing. My roommate asked me to teach her and a few of her girlfriends my system.

After that first class, things snowballed. I was so busy nights and weekends teaching workshops and working privately with clients that nine months later I quit my high-level executive position.

Goodbye to the Corporate World
I was working for a billion dollar national auto-parts chain, had two departments reporting to me, with a $5.5M budget. I was the only woman on the executive team, had a big, beautiful, top-floor corner office, nice salary, and all the perks! People thought I was crazy for leaving.

I never looked back.

As exciting as achieving that level of corporate success had been, it was completely unsatisfying compared to helping people out of their misery to find genuine happiness and fulfillment.

I was having the time of my life teaching classes and mentoring private clients, all by referral. (I never marketed or advertised.)

The Most Important Thing was Missing
Four years later, it looked like I had it all: beautiful home, snazzy sports car, loads of wonderful friends, lots of dates with fun guys, great income, exciting world travel, and an effervescent joy that bubbled up from within me. What I didn’t have — had never had — was a passionate, deeply committed union with the Love of My Life.

Mama was Right!
Mama always said, “The greatest thing in the world is to love and be loved.” Although I had lots of dates, I was lonely for “The One.”

I didn’t believe I would ever marry again, yet the longing for someone to share my deepest feelings, fears, hopes and dreams with kept getting stronger. I didn’t want to grow old alone.

Where was MY Prince?
One night after teaching a class, I noticed a gal who was radiant. In just 3 weeks she had attracted a gem of a guy. Though early in the relationship, I saw a solidness about them that gave me confidence it would last.

Never having had that confidence in my own relationships, I asked, “Why can’t you do that for yourself?” That night I began working through the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and resistance that were keeping me in superficial relationships with guys I’d never wanted to marry.

Who was Keeping My Prince Away?
I discovered I had never committed to myself. Rather, I’d always helped others make their lives better. By using my techniques, I became truly committed to myself. I committed to having the life I desired. A life with a partner I passionately loved, who passionately loved me, who wanted marriage – the Love of My Life!

Instead of focusing on what I’d done wrong, I became a student of love, fabulous marriages, and healthy relationships.

My Prince Arrived
Shortly thereafter, I met my husband, Will. Seeing him across the room at a business conference, I was immediately attracted. That evening at dinner we sat only a table away from each other at the restaurant. Each time I looked over at him I caught him looking at me.

After dinner he came by my table to introduced himself. He said, “There’s something about you that I find very interesting. I’d like to get to know you over the weekend if you’re open to that.” I was! And over the next two days in a crowd of 250 people, with no pre-planning, we continually found ourselves in the same places.

I was smitten! So was he. We burned up the phone lines and made the airlines rich. (I lived in Scottsdale, AZ; he in San Diego, CA.)

Ready to Run!
About three months into it, I got scared. (This was an old pattern!) I called him and said, “I don’t want to see or hear from you again. Don’t ever call me.” He said, “No! What we have together is too good and we need to talk.” He sent me a plane ticket. The next day we sat face to face and talked for 11 straight hours.

Will had also been studying relationships. He became my teacher. And I got it. Instead of running, I learned to stay, working though our disagreements, challenges and problems. We committed to keep our love for each other ‘front and center’ in our lives. And that is where it has stayed…it hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it.

More in Love than Ever!
We’ve been together for 20 (married 18) amazing and wonderful years. We’ve created a life together that is better than I ever thought possible.

We learned a lot about each other and even more about ourselves. We gained enormous insight into how relationships really work (and don’t work!). As friends and family observed our relationship, they constantly asked us to share our secrets. They would say, “You give us hope.”

The Enemy of Love
It bothered us to see so much bad information in the media taking people down the road of disappointment and heartbreak.

Men are taught how to seduce women but not create a real relationship in the process. Women were being taught to manipulate men. (In particular we think the book “The Rules” creates dysfunctional relationships that will end in divorce.)

These and other popular ideas get traction in the media, but they are dead-end paths for those who longed for a loving, deeply committed relationship.

So Many Weddings and Baby Showers
My husband shares my passion for helping build happy, loving, fulfilling relationships, wanted us to teach others how to create them.

We created a weekend workshop in 2001 which has helped hundreds of couples gain the skill-set, tool-set and mind-set to create happy lasting relationships. Hundreds of singles have attracted the right mates for them, sealing the deal with marriage. We’re invited to so many weddings, re-commitment ceremonies and baby showers, we can’t attend them all.

Helping More Become Brides and Grooms
For the last 24 years the only way you could work with me to learn this system of creating a joyous, satisfying, loving relationship was to know one of my students. It was all by word of mouth – an exclusive club of sorts.

Now, because I want to reach more people who want (but don’t have) their ‘Right One,’ I’m opening my work to the public.

I’m not much on high tech. I like high touch.
Recently I felt driven to use the Internet to take my work to the world, in spite of my resistance to all things technical.

It’s extremely exciting to me to have the opportunity to get to know so many more people and to hear what’s in their hearts and on their minds.

Every morning when I check my email I look forward to seeing who’s going to show up today, what I’m going to learn from them, and they from me.

By sharing some about me, I’m hoping you’ll share some about you, so we can get to know each other and I can help you realize your relationship dreams.

Please email me at <> and tell me about yourself, your relationship journey, what you want, and what issues you’re facing in your relationships. I read and respond to every email.

I look forward to getting to know you.

May your life be filled with deep love and great companionship,


About Will…

My Life Was Turned Upside Down

My name is Will Noyes.

I felt all of the same struggles and heartache you may be experiencing too…plus a debilitating disability on top of it.

I lost everything 
After I had a bad fall and was confined to a bed for over a year, my first wife suddenly left me and took my 3-year old son. There was nothing I could do to stop her.

I lost my business, my marriage & my ability to move (or even get out of bed) all at the same time. I had to completely recreate my life, even having to learn to walk again.

I was an Athlete at Heart
As a young man I was an athlete. In my mind, even though my body wasn’t working, I was still an athlete. I realized that I had tremendous resources within me and I used those resources to change the circumstances of my life. I realize that because of the life challenges I faced and was able to overcome, my life has become a series of miracles. After 16 years of pushing myself beyond the limit of my physical, emotional, mental and financial difficulties, I met my wife, Eva.

We Merged Our Lives and Created a Strong, Loving Relationship
She had also gone through her own transformative process after surviving two failed marriages and raising her two daughters on her own. Using her work and all that I had learned about relationships by taking a lot of classes and dating for many years, we found what really works to keep our love for each other present and our relationship strong and happy.

The Call to Teach Our Secrets
Our family and friends would say to us, “You inspire us. You should teach a relationship class so we can learn your secrets. In March 2001 I attended a 10-day men’s leadership program where I was on a 2-day vision quest type experience, alone in the wilderness. I received a message that Eva and I should teach. I heard this, “There will never be peace on earth until their is peace between men and women.” I knew that was a profound message that was a call from the Universe for us to teach.

We held our first Weekend Retreat that fall. The results of our program has been amazing. Couples on the verge of divorce (one couple had already filed) were able to heal their relationships and return to being “in love” with each other. Singles have attracted the “right mate” for them and created loving, happy marriages. Couples who have good relationships, but want to improve it have been able to create a deeper connection, have more fun and feel more in love that ever before.

Together, Eva and I, have created a truly magical relationship and are so happy to be sharing this way of being with our students. We love being “in love” with each other, like love-birds, after 20 years of being together.

Will Noyes

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